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6. Severely calcified Left Main disease requiring rotablation
This talk was presented on 6/6/2015 in Bangkok at a focus group conference organised by Boston Scientific titled Master the Complex

Baseline angiogram
Heavily calcified distal left main
Previous stent in LCx and LAD


The cranial views
Shows the calcium and the previous stents


1st attempt at pre-dilatation
3.0 x 15 balloon up to max pressure


Ostium LAD

Ostium LCx

Distal LM


Further dilatation
NC 4.0 balloon along LAD and LM to max pressure


What to do next?
LM shows dissection after aggressive pre-dilatation but calcium has not cracked


Weighing options

  • Give up and go for medical therapy
  • Call surgeon
  • Rotablation
    • Which one 1st?
    • What to do with LCx?
    • If I rota LAD, would I lose LCx?


Stent LCx first
3.0 x 12 Stent in LCx ostium


Rotablation of Left Main

  • Felt safe to remove LCx wire
  • 1.75 burr down LM/LAD


After the rotablation
The plaque has been modified LM looks presentable and LCx uncompromised


LM stent
3.0 x 33 stent placed from LM ostium


Final kissing and NC dilatation
NC 4.0 balloon in LAD, NC 3.0 balloon in LCx


Final IVUS
LAD carina

Distal Left Main


Final angiogram
RAO cranial and AP caudal views


Final Compare

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