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Treadmill stress test
This is the commonest test done to screen for heart problem. It involves placing electrodes on your body and a blood pressure cuff on your arm. You will then have to walk on a treadmill. This starts at a very slow speed and a slight incline. At interval of 3 minutes, the treadmill will get quicker and steeper. This is to make your heart work hard so that any blockage in your artery will show up as an abnormality in your ECG.

In order to have a valid test, your heart rate should go above 85% of your maximal predicted. This is calculated as (220-age) x 85%.

You will need to come in your exercise gear. That is, a pair of comfortable shorts and sneakers. You don’t need to have any period of training before coming for this test.

This is an example of treadmill stress ECG. The top panel below shows the ECG at rest. The arrows denote the portion of the ECG called ‘ST segment’. The bottom panel shows a positive test. The ‘ST segment’ is depressed compared to baseline (Pink arrow). This indicates the presence of blocked arteries.

Know Your Cardiologists

I feel breathless when walking.

I feel a tightness over my chest.

Do I need to take my medicine for my blood pressure?

Do I need to take my medicine for my cholesterol?

Do I really need stents for my artery?

Do I really need to have a bypass operation?

When should I go for health screening?

I have heart problem, can I take Viagra?

I have heart problem, should I exercise?

Heart Disease
Learn about your heart Conditions

You may need an ultra sound scan of your heart to assess its function.

You may need a treadmill stress test.

You may need closer monitoring.

You may need a more thorough risk assessment and life style change.

You may only need to take your medicine.

You may get away with just stenting.

This generally should start at 40 years old.

Yes, but there are certain strict conditions to fulfill.

Yes, but you will need to find out the appropriate intensity.